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Keep your Melbourne premises, staff & tenants safe and secure with an automatic security gate!

Automatic Trackless Bi-fold Security Gates

At TMGC we custom-make bi-fold, automatic security gates for Melbourne commercial properties. Commercial automatic gates are the perfect security solution for any property, from offices, factories, to aged care facilities, from schools, sporting facilities, to apartment blocks and much more.
Security and safety has become paramount for commercial and industrial properties. The automatic trackless bi-fold gate is fast becoming the gate of choice.  Simply because of its versatility solving problems in difficult entrances where restricted space, limited space, uneven and sloped drives are often issues with these entrances. Being trackless, it is perfect where large heavy vehicles drive through. Secure, as it locks into a center ground lock plate in the drive when closed. Battery backup, photocells, flashing lights and sounds are installed for vehicle and pedestrian safety. Optional extras such as, auto-close, bollards, vehicle detectors, 4G-GSM phone systems, keypads, key switches, solar power, etc. are available on request. 
The bi-folding method requires considerably less power to operate and with the bi-fold mechanism taking a % of the gate weight, means less wear and tear on the motors, requiring less servicing.  The gates are easy to maintain as they require very little maintenance. The gate frame can be maintained by wiping it down and the bi-fold mechanism, simply spray it with oil to lubricate moving parts.

At TMGC, we specialise in manufacturing and installing electric bi-fold security gates for Melbourne commercial properties. With our 40 years of industry experience, we specialise in creating tailor-made solutions to your commercial gate needs. As highly reputable specialists across Melbourne, we can design and manufacture a commercial gate to match your needs. We’re happy to discuss your needs. We design a large range of bi-fold gates to match your needs. To top it off, we offer free quotes on all new gates! All security gate installations and servicing come with a full warranty.

Benefits of Bi-Fold Entrance Gates for Commercial Properties

We design and produce our very own bi-fold mechanism, commercial gate operators. Trackless bi-fold automatic security gates provide commercial properties with the vital security that they need to keep their businesses secure. Being trackless saves costs laying concrete for the sliding gate track, no upkeep keeping tracks clean or damage done to tracks by heavy trucks. With the bi-fold being made up of separate panels it has more give than sliding and swing gates. If hit, often only minimal damage is done. 

Restricted Space

Restrictions:  Side walls, fencing, concrete edging, angled drive-in areas, uneven drives, come with complications when wanting to secure your property. But, not for the bi-fold.

Limited Space: With the bi-fold taking up less room as it swings back, it gives more usable space within the property.

Wide Driveways: When a driveway is too wide for swing gates or simply not wanting tracks across entrance due to heavy vehicles.
  • Accessories
  • We have many accessories available to make the everyday functions of your commercial property seamless and easy. These accessories are used to further improve safety and security of people on the premises in many ways.
  • Loop Vehicle Detectors, Photocells, Battery Backup
  • Loop and vehicle detectors are used when exiting to open the gate automatically as the vehicle drives up to the gate. Photocells are installed for protection when the gate is closing, stopping the gate from closing when something is between the opening.  Battery backup for power outages.
  • Bollards
  • A bollard is a steel security post, designed to protect gates from wayward vehicles.
  • Flashing Lights & Sounds
  • Flashing lights and sounds are a security feature used to improve safety of all people on premises, but especially pedestrians at the time of a vehicle entering or exiting the gate.
  • 4G-GSM Systems
  • A GSM phone access system allows security gates to be opened with a phone call, at no cost to the caller. It is an easy and reliable solution for commercial properties needing limited access. Up to 200 approved phone numbers can be added through a secure site, suiting large and small businesses alike.

Safety Features

Bi-Folding Method: requires considerably less power to operate

Less Wind Effect: compared to standard swing gates

Bi-Fold Mechanism: taking a % of the gate weight, meaning less wear and tear on the gate motors.

Center Ground Locking System: when closed, the gate slides into a lock plate, making the bi-fold an extremely secure gate.

Always Have Power: Your gate will have a battery backup included, so the gate will work even in a power outage.

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