truck depot Bi-Fold Gates

Industrial Truck Depot Bi-Fold Gates – Hallam


Unsealed, uneven ground – entry and exit. With very large heavy semi-trailers coming and going kicking dirt and stones around, sliding tracks were not suitable. Swing gates were not an option due to its extremely high wind area and sharp turn-in areas.

Solution & Outcome:

Trackless bi-fold entry & exit security gates – folding back taking up minimal space, with no tracks to maintain.

Battery backup for power outages. Two sets of Photocells installed to catch different sized vehicles.  Ground E-loop vehicle detector to open gates automatically when vehicle drives over to exit.  Timer to open and close at certain times morning and night.  GSM phone system for trucks to ring gate to open/close after hours.  Flashing light and sound when gates are moving.

·         Measuring:  6000mm drive through x 2600mm high – with V-spear tops above the frames.

·         Frames:  75×50mm

·         Bars:  Angle – 50×50×4mm

·         Posts:  Base Plated 200x200mm.

Automation:  2 x Gates – Entry & Exit

·         Operators:  TMGC Heavy Duty Commercial Swing Operators

·         Control Board:  Advanced Board

·         Origin:  Australia

·         Power:  Main

Accessories:  2 x Gates

·         Battery Backup

·         Photocells – Two Sets

·         Ground Lock Plate

·         4G-GSM Phone Access System

·         E-Loop Exit Vehicle Detector

·         1 x Timer – 24/7

·         Flashing Light with Sound – when gate is moving.


·         Commercial Heavy-Duty Angle with V-tops

·         Powder Coat:  Night Sky Black