junction oval

Junction Oval – Commercial Bi Fold Gates

Dilemma:  Restricted Space

With curved side walls – swing and sliding gates were not options.

Solution & Outcome:

Trackless bi-fold security gates. Fitting neatly between the walls and taking up less space folding back to the sides, with a separate pedestrian gate.

Photocells installed for protection.  Ground lock for gates to lock into when closed.  Ground E-loop vehicle detector to open gates automatically when vehicle drives over to exit.  Key switch to hold open gates during certain hours. GSM phone system to ring and open/close gates.  Separate pedestrian gate, keypad and exit button.


·         Operators: FAAC 413

·         Control Board: FAAC Advanced

·         Origin: Italy

·         Power: Main


·         Pedestrian Gate

·         Keypad

·         Exit Button

·         Battery Backup

·         PE Photocells

·         Centre Ground Lock Plate

·         Key Switch

·         Loop Detector

·         4G-GSM Phone Access System


·         Plain Bar Grill

·         Powder Coat:  Night Sky Black