Parking Garage Bi-Fold Doors Melbourne

Whether you need a basement gate or car-park gate, we are here to help with a bi-fold gate tailor-made to your space.

These doors can allow for a secure option even when you have minimal space at your disposal with little or no room for a roller or tilt door.  The trackless bi-fold door is the solution for those who have height restrictions and limited space.

At TMGC we custom-make automatic bi-fold security garage doors for Melbourne commercial properties. Commercial automatic bi-fold doors are the perfect security solution for any property Basement Parking area, from residential apartment and unit blocks, office and businesses, shopping centres, and much more.

Security and safety has become paramount for commercial and industrial properties. The automatic trackless bi-fold gate is fast becoming the gate of choice.  Simply because of its versatility solving problems in difficult entrances where restricted space, limited space, uneven and sloped drives are often issues with these entrances. Being trackless, it is quiet and smooth. Secure, locking into a center ceiling or ground lock plate when closed.  Battery backup and photocells are installed as standard.  Optional extras such as, auto-close, bollards, vehicle detectors, flashing lights and sounds, 4G-GSM phone systems, keypads, key switches, emergency exit buttons, etc. are also available.

The bi-folding method requires considerably less power to operate and with the bi-fold mechanism taking a % of the gate weight, means less wear and tear on the motors, requiring less servicing.  With no tracks, the gates are easy to maintain as they require very little maintenance. The gate frame can be maintained by wiping it down and the bi-fold mechanism, simply spray with oil to lubricate moving parts.


Commercial Bi-fold Garage Door Design & Installations

Our trained installation team makes getting your garage gate a stress-free process for all involved. Bi-fold gates become the main option when you have minimal room to operate but at TMGC we are here to provide a high quality gate that provides you security regardless of the restrictions you may be facing.

With the trackless bi-fold having a smaller footprint it provides more room over the top, allowing unrestricted heights within your parking area; as the gate opens inwards in a small area they can provide you with an option where other doors or gates may not be viable due to restricted space or an angled drive.

Apartment Basement Parking

Security today is paramount but unfortunately many older apartment buildings do not have the security they need, as they don't have the overhead room needed to fit a standard garage roller or tilt door and therefore are left open to all. New builds are also finding themselves in the same predicament as they are being built on smaller land areas and are left with limited space for garage security. The bi-fold door can offer the security they desperately need.  Not needing the overhead room that the others require, the bi-fold can fit into areas with limited and restricted space.  Solving security issues to many.


What is the Hardware Behind Bi-Fold Garage Doors?

Bi-Folding Method: requires considerably less power to operate.

Bi-Fold Mechanism: taking % of the gate weight, means less wear and tear on the motors and less servicing.

Advanced Control Board: this board is programmable and allows us control over the speed and braking, making a smooth, quiet operation.

Ceiling or Ground Lock : when closed, the door locks into a central lock, making the bi-fold extremely secure.

Photocells: are installed for protection, stopping your door from closing if something is between the opening.

Smart Opening: Doors can be opened using transmitters, phone access, timers, keypads, vehicle detectors. Auto close can be set up for gates to automatically close after exiting.

Battery Backup: Your door will have a battery backup included, so the door will work in a power outage.

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