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Bi-Fold Gates

If you are one of the many people who have never been able to consider an automatic gate before due to limited, restricted space or a sloped drive, now you can with our Bi-Fold Gates!

Bi-Fold Gates

Bi-fold automatic gates are the perfect solution for both residential and commercial entrances where a standard swing or sliding gate is not an option. Trackless Bi-Fold Gates bring security to those who could never have it before.

We design, manufacture and install bi-fold gates to secure properties across Melbourne.

Motorised Gate Company Melbourne -residential Bi-fold gates

Bi-fold gates are automatic, running smoothly and quietly.

Bi-fold garage doors are built into the building structure, saving space. They are the solution for tight spaces when traditional roller or tilt doors won’t fit.

The trackless bi-fold gate provides solutions to those with limited and restricted spaces, angled drives, sloped drives, short and narrow drives. Bi-folds have a smaller footprint therefore, taking up less room than standard gates. Being trackless, they are smooth and quiet.

The Motorised Gate Company is an Australian owned business. Our Trackless Bi-fold Automatic Gates are designed and manufactured by us locally in Melbourne, Australia.

Sloping and Tapered Drive ways

The trackless bi-fold gate has a minimal imprint on your property and no tracks.

Perfect for those with a sloping driveway!

When the gate opens and each side swings back, they take up significantly less room than a standard swing gate – perfect when you have a steep driveway.

The gates can also be designed to the gradient of your slope with lifting and/or rising hinges..

Motorised Gate Company Melbourne - bi-fold gates sloping driveways
Motorised Gate Company Melbourne - Bi fold gates limited space

Limited and Restricted Space

Short Driveways: With the bi-fold taking up less room as it swings back and opens, it gives more usable space within the property, allowing cars to be able to part securely inside the property where they couldn’t before.

Narrow Driveways: The bi-fold provides more usable space to those with smaller frontages. The gate does not encroach on the sidewalk or past pedestrian gates which can cause major safety issues.

Restricted Driveways: Lane-ways and corner entrances, angled driveways and side walls come with complications when you want to secure your property. If your entrance has Building walls, retainer walls, side fencing or garden edging these Bi-fold gates could be perfect for you.

Wide Driveways

When your driveway is too wide for swing gates but no room for a sliding, the bi-fold is the solution you are looking for.
Even more so, if the driveway is built on a slope. Maximum opening 6.5m.

Giving security to those who never could before.

Perfect for entrances that have double and triple garages or larger prestigious properties

Motorised Gate Company Melbourne - Bi Fold Gates Wide Driveways

The TMGC team specialise in finding solutions where others can’t.

Every home is different but equally deserving of safety and security.

We can custom-design and manufacture a folding gate to fit your space and entrance.

If you have a challenging driveway or property structure, get in touch with our team.

We’ll be happy to offer an obligation-free consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose a bi-fold over a swing or sliding gate?

When a swing or sliding gate is not suitable. Bi-Folds are problem solvers, they are space saving and have been specifically designed for this very reason. They have a smaller footprint and are extremely versatile in difficult areas.

Does your bi-fold have tracks?

TMGC bifolds are Trackless. Meaning there are no issues with; uneven ground, keeping tracks clean of dirt and stones, no concrete plinth, no destruction of garden or driveway, no track damage from heavy vehicles, no lifting of track from ground movement.

Are bi-folds secure?

Bi-folds are extremely secure. When closed, they lock into a centre ground lock in the drive or a ceiling lock.

I have a sloping/tapered drive, and no-one can find a solution.

Being trackless and taking up less room than a swing gate when they fold back, means bi-fold gates are the perfect solution for sloping, rising, and uneven drives. Using rising / lifting hinges they lift to the gradient of the drive, as they fold back.

We have side walls on both sides of the drive and so we can’t have a sliding gate. Can you help?

The bi-fold is the perfect solution for restricted spaces. Using minimal space, it is perfect for those with side walls, fencing, garden edging, pathways, etc.

Am I limited with design choice?

All gates are custom made to your design choice and colour. There are no limits, as the motors and hardware on the back/inside of the gate.

Can the gate swing out?

No. The way it is designed it can only swing/fold inwards. Having a minimal footprint, it can wrap itself around cars as it folds back.

Will my gate still work if the power goes out?

With all our bi-fold packages, a battery backup is included. The gate will still operate if there is a power outage.

Is my car protected if the gate starts to close?

With all our bi-fold packages PE Photocells are installed on each gate post for protection when the gates are closing.

Am I able to open my gate with my phone?

Yes, with a GSM Access System using the 4G-Telstra network / or a Bluetooth App which uses your own Wi-Fi.

Can solar be used with bi-fold gates?

Yes, with both domestic and commercial, solar can be used. But the correct gate operators must be used. We use ARCO (Australian) gate operators for domestic and TMGC (Australian) heavy duty operators for commercial, as both motors go to sleep when not in use. This is VIP, so they are not continually using power and draining batteries. Which is the very reason this solar system is more reliable than other solar setups.


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