Bi-Fold Gates

If you are one of the many people who have never been able to consider an automatic gate before due to limited, restricted space or a sloped drive, now you can!

Bi-fold automatic gates are the perfect solution for both residential and commercial entrances where a standard swing or sliding gate is not an option. Trackless Bi-Fold Gates bring security to those who could never have it before.

Our Trackless Bi-Fold Gates are a compact solution to your security needs where space is limited or restricted. The bi-folding gates are automatic, running smoothly and quietly.

The trackless bi-fold gate provides solutions to those with limited and restricted spaces, angled drives, sloped drives, short and narrow drives.  Bi-folds have a smaller footprint therefore, taking up less room than standard gates. Being trackless, they are smooth and quiet. 

The Motorised Gate Company is an Australian owned business. Our Trackless Bi-fold Automatic Gates are designed and manufactured by us locally in Melbourne, Australia.

  • Sloping Drives

  • Restricted Space

Sloping Drives

The trackless bi-fold gate has a minimal imprint on your property and no tracks. Perfect for those with a sloping drive! When the gate opens and each side swings back, they take up significantly less room than a standard swing gate - perfect when you have a steep drive. The gates can also be designed to the gradient of your slope with lifting and/or rising hinges.

Steep Drive with Side Walls

Why Choose A Bi-Folding Gate?

Bi-Folds use a very small footprint compared to standard gates, taking up half the space of a standard swing gate and providing more usable space. Our gates are smooth and quiet, making them easy to use no matter the time of day and being trackless means that you never have to keep tracks free of leaves and dirt.

They are also very secure; when closed, double bi-fold gates lock into a lock plate in the centre of the drive, making them extra secure. Single bi-folds have a lock catch on the far post.  A battery backup is included, so the gate will still work in a power outage.

Bi Fold Gates Are Designed For Those Who Have

Limited and Restricted Space

Curved & U-Shaped Drives

Small Property Frontages

Entrances & Driveways with Side Walls

Short and Narrow Drives

Height Restrictions - Basement Parking, Garages & Carports

Sloping Drives

Rear Lane-Way Entrances


Less Wind Effect: compared to standard swing gates due to base plated posts

Bi-Fold Mechanism: taking a % of the gate weight, meaning less wear and tear on the gate motors.

Advanced Control Board: this programmable board allows us control over the speeds, making a smooth and quiet operation.

Center Ground Locking System: when closed, the gate slides into a lock plate, making the bi-fold an extremely secure gate.

Photocells: Photocells are installed for protection, stopping gates closing if something is within the opening.

Battery Backup: Your door will have a battery backup included, so the door will work even in a power outage.

Optional Setups:  Auto Close and Pedestrian Mode can be set up with no additional charge.

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