Bi-fold Garage Doors & Gates

Product Specifications

Garage Bi-Fold Doors – Product Specifications

View our bi-fold garage door specifications below to see if it’s suitable for your property. For any questions or inquiries, please contact The Motorised Gate Company and we will find a solution that works for you.

Maximum Width Single 3.5 Metres drive through

Maximum Width Double 6.5 Metres drive through

Maximum Height 3.0 Metres

Gate Frame Material 40 x 40mm Dura-Gal RHS Steel

Gate Design Material – Varies with design choice

Hinges – Outside top & bottom bearing hinges

Operational Gap Clearances Variable and range between 10-30mm

Trackless & Folding – Inward

Base Planted Posts – 125 x 125mm Bolted to concrete foundations

Finish – Powder coated

Power Requirements – 240 Bolt or solar

Automation – 24 Bolt linear actuator & articulated arm

Duty Cycles – 100% Continuous duty cycle

Control Board and Cabinet – Advanced programmable board

Power Backup – Battery backup

Protection – PE Photocell beams between posts

Security – Ground / ceiling lock plate or post catch plate

Energy Efficient – Uses less power than standard swing gates

Less Wear & Tear on Motors – Bi-Fold mechanism takes a % of the gate weight

Less Wind Effect – Due to Bi-Folding method & hinged panels

100% Private – N/A due to required operational gaps

4G GSM Phone Access System – Simply ring gate to open. Holds 200 numbers

Transmitters – Hand remotes

Keypads – Entry or exit for pedestrians or vehicles

Timers – Gate to open & close at set times of the day

Auto Close Setup – Gates set to automatically close after exiting

Vehicle Detectors – Gates open when vehicles drives to exit

Voice/Video Intercoms – Access controlled by office and installed by electrician

Extra PE Photocells –  Catches vehicles of all sizes

Flashing Light & Sounds – Warning that the gate is opening/closing

Yellow Bollards – Protects gate from vehicle collisions

Emergency Exit Release Button – For basement parking in case of fire


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