sloping driveway

Bulleen – Bi-Fold Gates with Sloping Driveway

Steep Sloping Drive with Side Walls

Having a steep sloping driveway with side retainer walls, swing and sliding gates were not options. Drive is too steep for swing gates and having retainer walls, ruled out a sliding gate. They were left without security on a very busy main road.

Solution & Outcome:
A double trackless bi-fold gate using rising hinges to lift gate. With the bifold gate leaf half the size of a swing gate leaf and using rising hinges to lift the gates up the drive as they open, it was the only and perfect solution.

• Operators: ARCO Li-2b
• Control Board: Elsema Advanced Board
• Origin: Australia

• Battery Backup
• PE Photocells
• Keypad – Rosslare Stainless Steel
• Long Range Antenna

Design & Colour:
Bar grill with spears, scrolls & kickplates – Night Sky Black.