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Port Melbourne – Residential Gates

Small Parking Area – Limited and Restricted Space

Having renovated a terrace house with a typical small front yard, our clients wanted to be able to park securely inside their property, whilst still maintaining privacy from the street.
A short and narrow drive with side walls, there was absolutely no room for a swing or sliding gate, leaving them without security or privacy.

Solution & Outcome:

One set of automatic trackless bi-fold gates – wrapping around car and folding back to the side walls. Allowing enough room to park inside property. Sheeting on both sides, giving a polished finish inside and out.


• Operators: 2 x FAAC 413 Swing Motors
• Control Board: FAAC Advanced Board
• Origin: Italy


• Battery Backup
• PE Photocells
• Centre Ground Lock Plate

Colour Bond Sheeting (both sides) – Colour: