Carpark Bi-Fold Garage Doors

Highett Basement Carpark Bi-Fold Garage Doors

Limited Overhead Space
No overhead room to fit a standard roller or tilt garage door.

Solution & Outcome:
Trackless Bi-fold Security Garage Doors – folding back to the sides, needing no overhead room. Being trackless, very smooth and quiet.
Photocells installed for protection. Ground lock for gates to lock into when closed. Vehicle detector to automatically open gates on exiting when a car drives over. Emergency push button installed for fire safety regulations.

• Operators: FAAC 413
• Control Board: FAAC Advanced
• Origin: Italy
• Power: Main

• Battery Backup
• PE Photocells
• Ground Lock Plate
• Exit Vehicle Detector
• Emergency Push Button
• 18 x Transmitters

• Heavy Duty Steel Angle – open design for required ventilation.
• Powder Coating – Surfmist