Introducing the Automated Bi-Folding Industrial Door Systems

Bi-fold gates and doors are a great space-saving solution for businesses.

Automated bi-folding industrial door systems may be invaluable to yours.

There are certain industries in which strong bi-folds are especially useful.

For the ultimate in space-saving and security combined,

Automated bi-folding industrial door systems could be just what your business needs.

Automated bi-folding Industrial Door Systems

Automated Bi-Folding Industrial Door Systems

Bi-fold doors have multiple sections that fold into one side of the frame instead of swinging in or out.

With each section folding back onto itself, it is a helpful feature.

Using only a quarter of the width of conventional swinging doors when they are open.

Industrial Bi-folding Doors Are Suitable For:

  • Factories
  • Warehouses
  • Large farming units
  • Large agricultural units
  • Large business units

Plane or helicopter hangars

Let’s use the warehouse as an example.

Bi-folding industrial door systems will provide ease of use and access to the warehouse entrance, unlike doors that operate on a hinge.

These doors will allow space for trucks and large vehicles to reverse near the entrance, entering or exiting freely.

Time, and in turn, money, will be saved when you don’t have to waste time on matters that shouldn’t be of concern at all.

​Custom-Made For Your Business

Every business has specific requirements. THE MOTORISED GATE COMPANY understands the importance of this, so our doors and gates are made to measure.

Made from galvanized steel or aluminum, these Bi-folding industrial door systems are rigid and strong, yet light weight – perfect for securing large doorways or structural openings.

You will get so much more useable space with this type of door compared to other door styles.

THE MOTORISED GATE COMPANY has 40 years of knowledge and experience providing solutions for gate and door needs in Victoria and nationwide. They are experts in

  • Bi-fold gates
  • Bi-fold garage doors and industrial doors
  • Commercial security gates
  • Bi-fold automatic gates
  • Underground car parking gates
  • Bi-folding industrial door systems
Automated bi-folding Industrial Door Systems

Bi-folding industrial doors should be built to fit each business perfectly. Call THE MOTORISED GATE COMPANY to discuss your needs today.