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Is it time to upgrade?

The constant squeaks, the occasional jams, and let’s not forget the nerve-wracking moments when it refuses to close properly.
Yep, I’m talking about that regular garage door. I mean, it works, right? Most of the time. Sure, it sounds like a car is getting crushed every time it operates and the number of times you’ve driven too close and had to back up is not worth mentioning, but it’s fine.


Or, it might be about time to consider upgrading to a bi fold garage door. At least have a think about all of these great benefits.


Optimise your space

No more wasted space with a bi-fold garage door because they are all about efficiency. Bi fold garage doors fold vertically or horizontally maximising both interior and exterior space so that you can park vehicles closer to the door without risk. They are perfect for properties with limited driveway space or where every inch counts.


Versatile design options

Not all homes are created equal and neither are all bi fold garage doors. Created from a variety of materials with various finishes and styles available, you can choose a design that will maximise efficiency while still complementing your current style. It’s a great way to enhance your home’s overall appearance.


Effortless Operation

No more struggling with that heavy and cumbersome garage door. Bi-fold doors operate smoothly and effortlessly. The automated system offers convenient and almost silent opening and closing. With the touch of a button or even a simple command from your smartphone, you are in control.


Enhanced Security Features

Of course, a garage door isn’t just about looking pretty, its primary function is to protect you and yours. That’s why bi fold garage doors offer advanced security with robust construction and reliable locking mechanisms. They provide an added layer of protection against potential intruders and models are available with smart lock integration and surveillance compatibility.


Energy Efficiency

Wasting electricity? In this economy? No thanks. Bi fold garage doors may save on your energy costs all the while reducing your carbon footprint. Insulated panels help regulate temperature and minimise energy loss keeping heat transfer to a minimum.

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Durability and longevity

Any renovation we decide to undertake on our home has to consider time – will it last?

Well, the great news is that bi fold doors, will. Constructed from durable materials and engineered for reliability, they bring with them long-term performance ensuring trouble-free operation now and far into the future.


Is it time?

We hope we’ve demonstrated to you that bi fold garage doors offer a comprehensive range of benefits. Bi fold doors represent a smart investment in your home’s functionality and aesthetics so if you’re ready to open your garage to a better experience, contact us today.