Quality Electric Gate Installation in Melbourne

Your property could benefit from the addition of a new electric gate. Installation from Melbourne-based businesses ensures you will get the quality you want. The Motorised gate company has over 30 years of experience in the business.

Since they have so much experience in the gating industry, The Motorised Gate Company uses only the best companies for their operators. If you are getting a domestic electric gate installation, Melbourne-made parts can be found through the ARCO operator. In order to ensure your gates are always running, even when the power is out, ARCO offers a battery backup for your gates. They also guarantee their operator for 2 years on domestic installations. FAAC offers a similar package for the operator of your electric gate installation. Melbourne may not be the maker of their operator, but it is still their supplier and you still get to enjoy a two-year guarantee on domestic installations. If you are purchasing a commercial gate you get these two options as well: TMGC and GDS.

If you are looking to add security to your home, an electric gate is the solution. In addition, electric gates add to your property value since you have the luxury of opening your gate from the comfort of your car. The Motorised Gate Company ensures you are in good hands with a qualified operator. There are so many good reasons to get your electric gate, so consider calling today to get your free quote.