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Melbourne Gate Accessories

All accessories are available to suit all styles of gates. Discuss your needs with our friendly staff and they will offer suggestions and solutions, which are the best options for you.

Keypads, Push Buttons, GSM Access Systems, 1,2,4 Button Transmitters, Photo Beams, Vehicle Detectors, Magnetic Locks, Striker Locks, Bollards, Antennae, 7-Day Timers, Flashing Lights & Sounds, Letterboxes


For main gates or pedestrian gates. Makes access simpler for family, friends & utility companies.




Open Gates With Your Phone @ No Cost to the Caller

The GSM is becoming the most sought after security access system.  Ring the gate and it simply opens. Load up to 999 phone numbers. Perfect for the rental properties, businesses, commercial & industrial properties, apartment buildings, unit blocks, domestic & commercial gated complexes, community living, storage facilities.

Only phone numbers entered into the system can open the gate.  Add or delete numbers at any time, by a person in control. Giving you total security over who can and cannot access your property. No on-going costs of replacing lost or stolen hand controls. Contact us for more information.