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Protecting your property is of utmost importance, whether you are a homeowner or a business owner. While everybody pays attention to the security of their building, one of the most important issues is often overlooked. Keeping out intruders by installing a decent gateway to restrict access to only those who are meant to be there is critical. Additionally, a proper gateway can be instrumental in keeping children and pets safe, as it will keep them from leaving your property or making their way into dangerous roadways. And of course, folding driveway gates for South Yarra, Richmond, and Prahran homes offer the ultimate in convenience, as you’ll no longer have to get out of your vehicle to open your gates. At the click of a button, you’ll be able to enter your property.

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If you have ever considered an automated gate system for your property, but don’t think you have the resources or the room for one, folding driveway gates can be an excellent choice for you. For folding driveway gates in Prahran, Richmond, and South Yarra, The Motorised Gate Company has the best options available.

One of the biggest benefits of approaching The Motorised Gate Company to install driveway gates on your Richmond, South Yarra, or Prahran property is the complete range of customisation options available to you. Whether you favour a more traditional look or something more contemporary, you can have a gate created for you that will match your property’s appearance. Many different types of materials are available as well, to ensure the uniformity of your new gate’s appearance.

Because our folding driveway gates are trackless, another benefit is the reduced amount of maintenance required to care for your automated gate system. The absence of a track makes for a cleaner appearance and ensures that your folding driveway gates will be able to operate on your driveway, even if the entrance is constructed on an incline. No matter the type of property that you are trying to protect and secure with your gate system. The Motorised Gate Company can custom-create an option that will work for your unique requirements in Prahran, South Yarra, or Richmond.

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Whether you have existing gates on your property that you would like to motorise or you are looking to install a brand new motorised gate system on your property, The Motorised Gate Company can help. Our team has over thirty years of expertise that they can put to work in helping to secure your property with a convenient and aesthetically pleasing option. In addition to full sales support from the team at The Motorised Gate Company, you will also receive a warranty on all parts and labour. The Motorised Gate Company will ensure that your gate is working in the same condition years from now as it is today.

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