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Why choose a bi-fold over a swing or sliding gate?

Bi-Folds are the solution for when you cannot fit a swing or sliding gate. They have a smaller footprint and are very versatile in difficult areas.

Does the bi-fold have tracks?

No, our bi-folds are trackless. This means that there will be no issue with uneven ground, track damage from heavy vehicles, lifting of the track from ground movement, and ongoing upkeep of keeping tracks clean from dirt, stones, etc. 

I have a sloping drive and no-one can find a solution.

Being trackless and taking up less space when they fold back than a standard swing gate means that bi-fold gates are perfect for sloping, rising, and uneven drives.

I would like to fit both my cars in my driveway, whereas I can only fit one with our current gates; what do I do?

The bi-fold is the perfect solution for this particular problem as it takes up less room when it folds back, allowing enough space for two cars to park securely inside the property. A site inspection will let you know if this is viable.

We have retaining/building walls on each side of the driveway, so we can’t have a sliding gate and swing gates will take up too much room when they swing back. Can you help?

The bi-fold fixes this problem as it takes up very little room by folding on itself when it swings back, giving more usable space inside the property.

I have a tricky wall/garden with angles and concrete edges to work around but can’t find any gate solutions.

The bi-fold is very versatile and with the right motors they are able to go back a little further than 90 degrees but it does all depend on the type and mount of angle that you are dealing with.  A site inspection allows us to gauge whether a bifold gate is viable.

We have a tight angled drive-in area. Can a bi-fold gate work in this situation?

The bi-fold is very versatile and can often be integrated with other gate types. An example of this is a single bi-fold that is worked in with a small sliding gate for those tight turning areas. To gauge whether this will work or not, request a site inspection.

Are bi-folds secure?

When closed, the gates slide and lock into a centre ground or ceiling lock plate, making them extremely secure.

Are bi-fold gates/doors 100% private and sealed?

 Bi-folds are not completely private or sealed like a sliding gate, roller or tilt garage door. They must have clearances due to being made up of separate panels that fold back onto each other. Each panel is folded with bearing hinges, therefore there will always be gaps between each panel. The centre gap cannot be avoided as it is needed to allow variable clearances and tolerances in case existing walls / pillars are not straight up and down plus other scenarios that we have no control over, otherwise the gates will crash together. The panels can have solid sheeting for semi-privacy but if you are looking for a completely private gate/door, the trackless

Will my gate work if there is a power outage?

Yes, as long as you have a battery backup installed. With all our bi-fold packages, a battery backup is included.

Is my car protected if the gate starts to close?

With all our bi-fold packages PE Photocells are installed on each gate post for protection when the gates are closing. So, if something between the opening breaks the photobeam, the gates will not continue to close.

If I don’t have a separate pedestrian gate, am I able to open only part of my driveway gate?

With all of our bi-folds we use an advanced control board. With this board we can program pedestrian mode, so that only half of the gate will open for pedestrian access. This can be via a 2nd button on your hand control or a keypad.

Am I able to open my gate with my phone?

Yes, with a GSM Access System using  the 4G-Telstra network or a Bluetooth App which uses your own Wi-Fi.

Can solar be used with bi-fold gates/?

Yes. With both domestic and commercial, solar can be used when using the right motors.  We use ARCO gate operators for domestic and TMGC heavy duty operators for commercial as both these motors go to sleep when not in use. Therefore, they are not continually using power and draining the batteries,which is the very reason this solar system is more reliable than other solar setups.

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