Dependable Electric Residential Gates in Melbourne

Electric residential gates in Melbourne from The Motorised Gate Company are some of the most reliable gates in the area. Our team has over three decades of experience in the industry, so you can trust we have the skills and knowledge to install the gate of your choosing.

When it comes to powering your electrically operated gate, you have several options. Solar powered gates help when electricity cannot be supplied to the gate and can store the sun’s energy in a battery for use at night and during grey days.

Continuous flow electric residential gates in Melbourne are another option. These gates are powered by your home or commercial building’s source of energy, meaning you can always count on them to work, provided the power is flowing. They also come equipped with backup batteries for emergency situations such as extreme storms and power outages.

We have power options for all types of gates, including slide gates, swinging gates, and bi-fold gates. Every gate control and motor we sell are made to withstand the harsh Australian weather. We know that you want your gate to function effectively every time you use it, and we make every effort to ensure that is the case.

A gate can increase your residence’s kerbside appeal as it evokes a sense of security and can be designed to fit the aesthetic of your property. We manufacture our gate frames & posts with duragal RHS steel and we can work with you to create a custom gate that fits your vision.

If you are looking for a provider of electric residential gates in Melbourne, look no further than The Motorised Gate Company. We are known for our dependable and excellent services.