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Welcome to TMGC, for all your custom-made gate needs for residential and commercial projects in Melbourne.

Our custom design bi-fold gates are the perfect solution for any building project. Residential homes, apartment and unit blocks, gated complexes, retirement complexes, aged care facilities and commercial properties are just some of the projects that we can help you with.

Our automatic swing, sliding and trackless bi-fold gates are custom made in your clients chosen design and colour, meeting both security and aesthetic requirements for your building project. All accessories are available to suit your gate. Keypads, GSM phone access systems, loop detectors, timers and swipe cards are just some of the solutions that we can help you with.


As every project is different, our gates are always custom made. All our unique custom design gates are drawn up on AutoCAD. Send us your plans, drawings, sketch, photo or link

Request an estimate, on-site quote or a call back and we’ll get back to you in no time! With our 30 years of experience in making and installing custom made gates across Melbourne, we can design a gate that meets all your needs.

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1. “The Space Saver” – Bi-fold Trackless Automatic Security Gates
The perfect solution for so many projects that will come across your desk. With a bi-fold trackless automatic gate you can take advantage of the extra space saved that would have been lost with a swing gate. The bi fold only take up half the space of a swing gate and is more secure, as it locks into the drive when closed.

A custom designed bi-fold gate is the perfect solution for drives with limited or restricted space, sloping drives, side retainer walls, building walls, angles, u-shaped entrances, basement carparks, height restrictions and laneways. Our bi-fold gates are available across all Melbourne. Learn more

2. GSM Access Control Systems
Open gates via your phone at no cost to the caller! No need for fobs, swipe cards or pin pads.
Perfect for those with several people accessing the property, e.g. workplaces, commercial properties, gated complexes, apartment buildings, community living, rental properties and storage facilities. A GSM Access Control System is an easy, reliable and safe way to make sure your property remains sage.

The GSM Access Control System holds up to 999 phone numbers.  Delete and add phone numbers at any time by a nominated person in control.  No on-going costs of replacing hand controls or changing keypad codes. Once phone numbers are deleted from the system, access is denied, giving you total control of who can and cannot access your property.

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