parking bays


Dilemma:  Restricted & Limited Space / Sloped Entrance

With inside parking bays – large swing gates were not an option, and no room for a sliding gate.

Solution & Outcome:

Trackless bi-fold security gates.  Bi folds taking up minimal space as they fold in, allowing cars to still utilise parking bays.

Photocells installed for protection.  Battery backup for power outages.  Ground lock for gates to lock into when closed.  Ground E-loop vehicle detector to open gates automatically when vehicle drives over to exit, with auto-close set up. Timer to open and close gate at certain times morning and night.  Key switch to hold open gates when need be.  GSM phone system to ring and open/close gates after hours.  For protection, flashing light and sound when gates are moving. Yellow bollards to protect gate.


·         Operators: FAAC

·         Control Board: Advanced

·         Origin: Italy

·         Power: Main


·         PE Photocells

·         Ground Lock Plate

·         Flashing Light and Sound

·         Weatherproof Key Switch – hold gates open in business hours

·         E-Loop Vehicle Detector – exit

·         Auto-Close Setup

·         4G-GSM Phone Access System

·         Bollards – painted yellow core drilled into drive

·         Flashing Light with Sound

·         Timer

·         Battery Backup – Batteries – 2 x 26 amp/hr

·         Battery Cubicle


·         Commercial Heavy-Duty Angle with V-Top

·         Powder Coat:  Night Sky Black