How Bi-Fold Gates Work

TMGC’s trackless bi-fold automatic gates are the perfect solution for where there is limited, restricted space or a sloping drive.

When space requires a gate to only fold to one side or both sides but with limited space, we can install a solution that uses only two leaves each side that fold back out of the way in one direction giving maximum vehicular entry needed.

When the drive has an incline rising upwards that a standard swing gate would bottom out on the drive, the bi- fold design only takes up a half of the space solving the problem. Depending of the degree of slope, lifting or rising hinges may be needed to help lift the gate.

Unlike other bi-fold gates, TMGC’s bi-fold does not require a track either on the ground or overhead. TMGC bi-folds are completely trackless.

The operation of the gate motor is controlled by a programmable advanced control board allowing control over the speed and braking of the gate, making it extremely smooth and quiet.  Pedestrian mode can also be programmed, so the gate will open one side only for pedestrian access.

With the bi-fold mechanism placed on the back of the gate, allows unlimited design choices.

The bi-fold has extra safety features.  As Bi-folds are mostly installed in limited spaces, PE Cells (photo beams) are installed for extra protection for when the gates are closing, stopping gates closing if something is within the opening.  A center ground locking system is also installed for the gates to lock into when closed, making the gates extra secure, as they cannot be pushed or forced open.

Why We Developed our Bi-Fold Security Gate

With the needs and requests of many of our clients, it motivated us to design and develop our very own Bi-Fold Gate System, made here in Melbourne.

It was originally developed for one of our clients with an inner city small, narrow block who could not fit a standard swing or sliding gate. Wanting a gate for security, we decided to work on developing one for him and so our trackless bi-fold was born.

About our Bi-Fold Design

Our Trackless Bi-Fold Security Gate is a compact & space saving design, perfect for where there is not enough room to fit a normal swing or sliding gate.

Even though, the bi-fold is more expensive than standard swing and sliding gates, it is often chosen purely because of its security, style and practicality.

Custom made to your chosen design.  Modern, Traditional or Contemporary gate design, we are happy to create a design specified by you.  Found a gate style you like… show us and we will make it for you!

30+ Years Experience

For over 30 years we have brought honesty and trustworthy to every project.

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Our team pride ourselves on our quality ensuring we always use top quality brands.

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About TMGC

The Motorised Gate Company is a Melbourne based company with extensive knowledge in our field, stemming from 30 years of experience in the motorised gate industry. We develop our own automatic, trackless bi-fold gates and bi-fold mechanisms, as well as our own commercial swing gate motor.

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