Suburb: Port Melbourne

Client’s Need –

Having renovated a terrace house with a typical small front yard, our clients really wanted to work something so they could park securely inside their property, whilst still maintaining their privacy from the street. Having a short and narrow drive there was absolutely no room to fit a standard swing or sliding automatic gate.

Solution –

A Double Set of Trackless Bi-Fold Gates – wrapping around car, allowing enough room to park inside property.  Sheeting attached to both sides, giving a polished finish inside & out.  Material: Colour-bond Sheeting – ‘Monument’.

Security –

When fully closed the gates lock into a center ground locking system, making them extra secure as they cannot be pushed or forced open.

Outcome –

The outcome gave our clients the security and privacy they really wanted.  Whilst adding significant $$$ value to their property at the same time.