Suburb: Bulleen

The Client’s Need –

Having a steep sloping drive plus brick retainer walls each side of the drive, neither a swing nor sliding gate was not an option. They were left without any security on a very busy road.

Swing gates were not an option as the drive was too steep for a full gate leaf.
A Sliding gate was not an option because of the brick retaining walls.

The Solution –

Wanting the gate at the front of the drive, our client’s only option was a trackless bi-fold gate with rising hinges. With the bi-fold gate leaf half the size of a standard swing gate leaf and with the rising hinges to lift them up the drive, it was the perfect solution.

The Outcome –

The outcome was a trackless bi-fold gate that lifted up the steep incline, giving them the security they have always wanted. With the added bonus of having control over the speed they have a gate which is so smooth and so quiet.

Our clients were overjoyed that it could be done and are immensely happy with their new gates.