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Add Luxurious Elegance and Dollar Value to Your Home, with Electric Bi-Fold Gates in Melbourne

Have you been looking for ways to boost both the curb appeal and dollar value of your home in Melbourne? If so, you’ve probably tried things like landscaping, painting or even renovations, but have you thought about a security or privacy gate? At the Motorised Gate Company, we specialise in electric bi-fold gates in Melbourne, impressive gating solutions that can bring safety, luxurious elegance and extra dollar value to your property, all in one fell swoop.

What is an electric bi-fold gate? Essentially, it’s a space-saving, trackless type of security gate that can be opened automatically from inside your car, or with a pedestrian keypad. Unlike standard sliding or swing gates, bi-fold gates are extremely compact and don’t take up a lot of space. Like sliding or swing gates, though, they provide an air of luxury and security to your home, which can help for resale or personal equity.

Most often, the electric bi-fold gates that the Motorised Gate Company installs around Melbourne are best suited for homes with a modern architectural style, however, we have styles to suit any home, whether a terrace house in the city or on acreage. The clean and compact design of these gates is a wonderful complement to homes with straight lines, plentiful windows or other modern flourishes. If your house has a more classical architectural style, however, a bi-fold gate is still worth considering, the mechanism doesn’t intrude on the look and focus of your gorgeous and timeless design home.

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