Your Leader In Solutions For Bi Fold Gates In South Yarra, Richmond, and Prahran – The Motorised Gate Company

Your Leader In Solutions For Bi Fold Gates In South Yarra, Richmond, and Prahran – The Motorised Gate Company

Looking for a simple solution to your gate problem? Let the professionals at The Motorised Gate Company provide you with the answers you need. Often, homeowners or business owners are stumped. They want to protect their property but just do not have the appropriate amount of space. Bi fold gates for a Richmond home, for example, may be the solution. The Motorised Gate Company has been installing, servicing, and repairing a variety of automatic gates in the Melbourne area for over a decade. The company’s professionals have over 30 years of experience in the industry, and customers can feel comfortable knowing that all products and workmanship is guaranteed.

Why Have A Gated Property?

Whether you have a home or business in Prahran, Richmond, South Yarra, or another Melbourne suburb, a gated entrance serves several purposes. A major reason why homeowners and business owners alike have gates installed is related to security and safety. A motorised gate is the first level of protection against things like a home invasion or a burglary. Criminals are much more likely to target homes and businesses that are lax in their security. Having an entrance gate will deter many criminals from even attempting to do any harm to a property.

Having a gate on a property also does wonders to its kerb appeal. Gates, whether bi fold or swinging, will enhance a property’s value and may even make it easier to sell a home. When comparing similar homes, ones with gates may be more desirable than those without. Gates also serve as extra protection for children and pets. Neither will go running into the street and are both protected from random strangers that otherwise could venture onto an unprotected property.

Consider Bi Fold Gates For Your South Yarra Home

If you are considering a gate but do not have adequate space, The Motorised Gate Company has your solution. With those three decades of experience in the industry, the company’s experts can help you determine the type of gate that offers the best results. In cases where space is limited, bi fold gates are the ideal solution.

A bi fold gate is designed to provide a number of advantages. It is very simple to operate. It requires little maintenance and when it does, it is usually not very time consuming or costly. Bi fold gates at a Prahran residence or business are perfect for those spaces with limited space.

If you have a home or business in Prahran, South Yarra, Richmond, or another Melbourne suburb, make it more secure and beautiful with an automatic gate from The Motorised Gate Company. You can learn more about the types of gates and accessories offered by the company by visiting online at For further information, you can also call (03) 9702 4571 and speak to a company representative.

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