Secure Your Property and Save Space with an Automatic Bi-Fold Gate in Melbourne

At the Motorised Gate Company, Melbourne’s number one company for automatic bi-fold gates, we often hear from prospective clients who want the added security and peace of mind that a gate provides, but don’t have the space for the standard sliding or swinging door gate solution. Luckily, with our automatic bi-fold gates in Melbourne, those customers can get the best of both worlds.

Don’t have enough room for a larger sliding or swing gate? Don’t worry: at the Motorised Gate Company, our automatic bi-fold gates are known for their compact, space-saving design. These gates can be used in tight spaces where there would traditionally not be enough room to install a gate and have it be functional.

Best of all, when you purchase an automatic bi-fold gate in Melbourne, you won’t sacrifice security or aesthetic for extra room. These space-saving gates may be compact, but they are strong, tall and well designed enough to keep out unwanted intruders and thieves. Perhaps even more impressive, they offer a stunning and clean look that won’t ruin the curb appeal of your property. In fact, some of our customers choose the bi-fold gate, simply because they like the style of it more than swing or sliding.

Interested in seeing a few pictures of our bi-fold gate designs, or in learning more about the various benefits of this type of gating solution? Check out our website, at to see this excellent gating solution in action!