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Compact, Space Saving, Very Smooth & Quiet

The Motorised Gate Company’s Trackless Bi-fold Automatic Gate is Australian Owned, Designed and Manufactured by TMGC, Melbourne Australia.


  • Residential & Commercial Properties
  • For Those Who Have…..
  • Limited or Restricted Space
  • Small Property Frontages
  • Short & Narrow Drives
  • Sloping Drives
  • Curved & U-Shaped Drives
  • Entrances with Side Walls – building & retainer walls
  • Height Restrictions – basement parking, garages & carports
  • Lane-Way Access


  • Taking up Half the Space – of a standard swing gate
  • Allowing More Usable & Accessible Space – allowing two cars to park safely inside property
  • When Sliding Gate &Tracks – encroach across the path of pedestrian gate access
  • Extremely Versatile
  • Combine a Singe Bi-Fold with a Single Swing or a Small Sliding Gate – for complicated angled entrances
  • Completely Trackless
  • Extremely Smooth & Quiet
  • Providing Security To Those Who Never Could Before


  • The Bi-Folding Method – Requires Considerably Less Power to Operate and…
  • Has Less Wind Effect – than standard swing gates
  • With the Bi-Fold Mechanism taking a % of the Gate Weight – means less wear & tear on the motor
  • With a Centre Ground Locking System, the bi-fold is a much more secure gate – when closed the gate slides into this lock and cannot be pushed or forced open.
  • All Bi-Fold installations come complete with PE Cells (Photo Beams) installed on each post at front of the gates. How they work: If something is between the gates and breaks the photo beam, the gates will not close.

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