Automatic Trackless Bi-Fold Gates At Your Prahran, Richmond, Or South Yarra Home Add Safety and Security

To improve the security of your home, have automatic trackless bi-fold gates in Richmond installed by Melbourne’s specialist in the industry, The Motorised Gate Company. The company has been in business for a number years but has well over 30 years of experience in the industry. Customers can have their gates customised to fit their home or business. Regardless of the type of gate, The Motorised Gate Company can help provide safety and security to your home by controlling who has access to the property.

Why Install Automatic Trackless Bi-Fold Gates In Prahran
Any gates, whether automatic and trackless or not, can help to provide a homeowner or business owner with another layer of security as well as allowing a family to feel safer. Gates help to deter criminals from entering a property. If two properties neighbour each other, someone looking for an easy score will undoubtedly choose the one that does not have a gate installed.

The Motorised Gate Company can provide a variety of accessories that can help to improve the security provided by a gate. Gates can be equipped with an intercom system so that a visitor has to identify himself or herself before the gate is opened. The same holds true for a gate system set up with a closed-captioned camera. Someone inside of a home can see exactly who is trying to enter the property.

Automatic trackless bi-fold gates installed by The Motorised Gate Company can enhance a home’s value. Compare like properties in a neighbourhood. The one that has a beautiful bi-fold gate, gorgeous landscaping, and a perfect driveway is the property that is going to sell for more. Properties without a gate, proper landscaping, and no shrubbery will sell for less.

Protect Your Kids And Lower Your Insurance

If you have young children, one way to keep them protected is by installing automatic trackless bi-fold gates in your South Yarra home. You will always know where your kids are when they are playing in the yard. Pets can be protected too. Along with a fence, an automatic gate will keep strangers from entering the property, and it also keeps pets from wandering onto a neighbour’s property.

What The Motorised Gate Company Can Do

At The Motorised Gate Company, the experienced team deals primarily with motorised gates. The technicians at the company are very highly skilled and have dealt with all sorts of automatic gates. New gates and gate motors can be installed. Swing gates, sliding gates, even solar-powered gates are all possibilities. Customers can also choose from a variety of accessories including intercom systems, wireless openers, and magnetic locks.

Contact The Motorised Gate Company Today

For all of your automatic gate needs, The Motorised Gate Company has you covered. Open your garage doors from the comfort of your vehicle. No need to get out anymore. To learn more about how to get an automatic trackless bi-fold trackless door installed in your home or business, visit You can also call (03) 9702 4571 and speak to a representative directly.