The Motorised Gate Company Is Your Source for Automatic Bi-Fold Gates in Prahran, Richmond, and South Yarra

The Motorised Gate Company Is Your Source for Automatic Bi-Fold Gates in Prahran, Richmond, and South Yarra

If you live in Prahan, Richmond, South Yarra, or any Melbourne suburb, your source for quality automatic bi-fold gates is The Motorised Gate Company. The company specialises in commercial and domestic automatic gate systems. With over 30 years of experience in the field, The Motorised Gate Company installs, maintains, services, and repairs all varieties of gates. The company can motorise existing gates or add some accessories. Customers can feel confident in working with the company since all products, including automatic bi-fold gates in Richmond, and service are backed by warranty from both the manufacturer and The Motorised Gate Company.

Why Choose Automatic Bi-Fold Gates In South Yarra
There are many reasons why business owners and homeowners choose to have some form of gate at or near the entrance to their property. One of the biggest reasons is related to security. An automatic bi-fold gate is a great first layer of security. Criminals will normally bypass a home or business with any gate and prey on those without one. Whether the idea is to break into a home and steal some or all of its contents or the idea is simply to invade the home, criminals are less likely to try and break into a home that has a security gate.

Automatic bi-fold gates in Prahan can also add to the kerb appeal of a property. The Motorised Gate Company can design and install custom gates and accessories that have some artistic flair. This can make for more of a grand entrance when coming on to a property. The enhanced kerb appeal can then help increase the overall value of the property. It also makes it easier to sell the property when the time comes.

Other reasons to have automatic bi-fold gates are for child and pet safety, privacy, and for insurance purposes. Homeowners can keep their kids safe while they play in the yard. The same holds true for pets. There are insurance companies out there that will offer lower premiums if you have an automatic gate installed.

What The Motorised Gate Company Does

If you are looking to add a layer of security to your home or business, The Motorised Gate Company can provide you with everything you need. For homeowners with an existing gate, the company can motorise the gate so that there is no need to get out of a vehicle in the cold and rain. Opening and closing a gate can be done from the confines of a nice heated car or truck. A representative from the company can come to your location and provide you with a free, no obligation quote.

Whether you live in Prahran, South Yarra, or Richmond, The Motorised Gate Company can handle all of your gate questions. The company provides a variety of gates including swing, sliding and solar-powered gates. Customers receive full after sales support. To learn more about what the company offers, visit or call the company directly on 03 9702 4571.

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