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Suburb: Brighton

Gate Style:   Trackless Bi-Folds 

Design:         Louver

PC Colour:   Charcoal

Motors:         FAAC 413

Suburb: Surrey Hills

Gate Style:   Trackless Bi-Fold Double Gates

Materials:     Duragal Steel 

Design:        Solid Steel Sheeting

PC Colour:   Monument

Motors:         FAAC 413

Suburb: Lalor

Gate Style:   Trackless Bi-Fold Gates 

Materials:     Duragal Steel

Design:         Bar Grill, Circles & Kick-plate

PC Colour:   Satin Black

Motors:         ARCO with Rising Hinges

Extras:          Pedestrian Gate, Lock and Striker Releases

Suburb: South Yarra

Gate Style:   Trackless Bi-Fold Double Gates x 2 basement entrances

Materials:     Duragal Steel Frames

Design:         Angle with Back Sheeting

PC Colour:   Sable Bass Texture

Motors:         FAAC S450 Hydraulic

Extras:          2 x Arbour Gate Frames, Courtyard Gate & Fences, Air Con Cover Fence

Suburb: East Melbourne

Gate Style:    1 x Single Trackless Bi-fold Gate & 1 x Single Swing Gate

Materials:      Duragal Steel Frames

Design:          Steel Pickets

PC Colour:    White Birch - Gloss

Motors:          FAAC 413

Extras:          1 x Push Button with Lockout Key Switch, 1 x Magnetic Lock

Suburb: Caulfield South

Gate Style:   Trackless Bi-Fold Double Gates

Materials:     Duragal & RHS Steel 

Design:         Slat 

PC Colour:   Monument

Motors:         FAAC 413

Extras:          Pedestrian Gate, Striker Lock, Letterbox, Small Fence Panel

Suburb: South Yarra

Gate Style:   Trackless Bi-Fold Double Gates

Located:       Back Laneway Entrance - with a very small area for car to park inside

Materials:     Duragal Steel Frame - Sheeted for privacy

PC Colour:   White

Motors:         FAAC 413

Extras:          Lintel Overhead Bar (client request)

** View Bi-fold Case Studies for details of this complicated job.

Suburb: Brighton

Gate Style:   Trackless Bi-fold Double Gates

Materials:     Duragal Steel Frame 

Design:        Steel Picket with Rounded Top Cap

PC Colour:   Monument

Motors:         FAAC 413 

Extras:          Pedestrian Gate,  Striker Lock,  Fence Inserts & Panels